Maple Finance Opens Cash Management Pool for US Treasury Yields

Maple Finance Opens Cash Management Pool for US Treasury Yields

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DeFi platform Maple Finance announced the United States Treasury pool launch called “Cash Management Pool” for non-U.S. accredited investors and entities.

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Maple Finance stated: “Non-US DAOs, Offshore Companies, Web3 Treasuries and HNWI participants can now put their idle funds to work in a Pool designed to provide them with the most direct access to Treasury bill yields, whilst meeting their liquidity, risk and accounting requirements.”

The new Cash Management Pool is only available to institutional Web3 investors, who can access U.S. Treasury bills directly. It passes the 1-month U.S. Treasury bill rate, with lower fees to Lenders. It takes 10-15 minutes to complete user onboarding, and the borrower’s portfolio of assets is visible to lenders in real-time.

Maple Finance has collaborated with Room40 Capital, who will act as the only borrower through a special purpose vehicle (SPV). There is no lock-up period, and withdrawals will be processed on the following U.S. banking day.

Sid Powell, CEO and Co-Founder of Maple Finance, noted: “This pool lets stablecoin holders focus on their core business activities whilst we take care of the technicalities. The access to banking and deposit services for startups has narrowed so the importance of having this service onchain cannot be overstated. We’re really proud to bring this to market at the perfect time with partners that share the same commitments.”

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