Manchester City and Power of Women Launch Dynamic NFT Art for Women's Soccer

Manchester City and Power of Women Launch Dynamic NFT Art for Women’s Soccer

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Premier League club Manchester City has collaborated with NFT brand Power of Women to launch dynamic digital artwork celebrating women’s football ahead of the 2023-24 season.

The sixth installment of their “Same City, Same Passion” NFT collection pays tribute to the shared abilities and passion of female athletes in Manchester.

The centerpiece is an animated NFT titled “Same City, Same Passion” alternating between iconic “Same City” and “Same Passion” designs on weekends when Women’s Super League (WSL) games occur.

Owners of the March 2022 “I am EMPOWERED” collection also receive a free airdrop of the new dynamic NFT.

Promoting Women’s Soccer Through Digital Art

This special project builds on Manchester City and Power of Women’s previous partnerships leveraging NFT art to spotlight women in football.

Last year’s “I am EMPOWERED” collection commemorated the diversity and spirit of today’s players to motivate young talent. The dynamic new artwork brings this message into the 2023-24 WSL season.

By having the NFT alternate between “Same City” and “Same Passion” displays timed to women’s matchdays, the collaboration visually symbolizes the shared skills and excitement across both Premier League and WSL clubs in Manchester.

Charity Support and Limited Edition

Proceeds from sales of the open edition “Same City, Same Passion” NFTs will support charitable initiatives by Manchester City’s City in the Community program and Power of Women.

Same City Same Passion by Power of Women x Man City

The dynamic NFT is available only for a limited time from October 1-4 for 0.03 ETH. Around 100 of the 5,000 maximum supply had been minted shortly after launch.

Owners of the previous “I am EMPOWERED” collection also gain a free commemorative NFT.

This unique project demonstrates crypto and sports innovating together to advance women’s athletics through creative engagement. As women’s football keeps gaining popularity worldwide, Power of Women and Manchester City’s celebrations of the game through digital art offer inspiring visions of its future.

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