Magic Eden opens an ETH marketplace with 17 partners.

Magic Eden opens an ETH marketplace with 17 partners.

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The multi-chain non-fungible token (NFT) platform, Magic Eden announced the launch of the ETH Beta platform in partnership with 17 ETH Launchpad creators. Ethereum is now Magic Eden’s fourth supported chain.

On the Ethereum network, Magic Eden works to support NFT curators and digital artists. They can either bring their own projects or launch their projects on Magic Eden with pre-existing custom contracts.

The NFT platform will also pay partners of the ETH Launchpad royalties and a 2% fee for a period of six months.

Furthermore, on April 7 when 17 partner collections launch, Magic Eden will give away two free mints. The first one, Hashflow minting, will begin at 3 PM ET, and the second, Cryptoninja minting, will begin at 9 PM ET.

Realm Hunter, The Space Club, KaijuKingz, McPepe’s, and other companies are included in the comprehensive list of partners.

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Up until this point, Magic Eden has been the dominant NFT trading platform on Solana. But as evidenced by their recent move in y00ts, they have been working to build a Bitcoin market and improve their offerings on Polygon over the past few months.

With the release of the Ethereum beta, traders now have more options and a great chance to investigate brand-new initiatives that are a part of Magic Eden’s launchpad. However, Magic Eden’s current launch is only an MVP; additional features will be added in the future.

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