Linus Chung Joins Magic Eden as Head of Product, Elevating NFT Innovation

Linus Chung Joins Magic Eden as Head of Product, Elevating NFT Innovation

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Magic Eden, the prominent cross-chain NFT platform, has appointed Linus Chung as their Head of Product, signaling a new era of NFT innovation.

Linus Chung: A Visionary Leader in Technology and Web3 πŸš€

With nearly two decades of experience in technology and web3, Linus Chung brings a wealth of expertise to Magic Eden. As the newly appointed Head of Product, he is poised to drive NFT innovation and elevate the platform’s user experience, growth, and long-term strategies.

A Stellar Track Record in Product Development and Scaling 🌟

Linus’s impressive background includes serving as Vice President of Product at Origin Protocol and Director of Product at Coinbase. At Coinbase, he played a pivotal role in scaling their user base to over 50 million, showcasing his exceptional ability to drive product growth and adoption.

Championing NFT Adoption Through Innovation 🎨

Linus Chung is committed to partnering with the web3 community to accelerate NFT adoption through continuous innovation and exceptional product experiences. His vision aligns perfectly with Magic Eden’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of NFT technology and creating a user-friendly environment for minting and collecting NFTs.

Magic Eden’s Remarkable Success Across Chains 🌐

Under the leadership of CEO Jack Lu, Magic Eden has achieved remarkable success across chains, solidifying its position as the leading Ordinals marketplace. Since its launch, the platform has traded over $300 million, attesting to its growing influence in the NFT space.

Paving the Way for NFT Accessibility and Digital Ownership πŸ’Ž

Magic Eden’s commitment to innovation is evident through open-sourcing its Solana marketplace contract and offering an intuitive aggregator on-chain. Additionally, the platform has secured up to 40% of the secondary market share for Polygon, further cementing its role in shaping the future of NFTs.

Linus Chung: A Catalyst for NFT Revolution πŸ”₯

As the NFT market enters its early stages, Linus Chung’s extensive experience in scaling products and businesses positions him as a key player in Magic Eden’s dedication to leading the NFT revolution. With his passion for NFTs and commitment to user-centric experiences, he is set to shape the future of digital ownership in this exciting and evolving landscape.


In conclusion, Magic Eden’s strategic move in appointing Linus Chung as Head of Product signifies the platform’s commitment to driving NFT innovation. With his impressive background in technology and scaling products, Linus is poised to play a vital role in shaping the future of NFTs and making digital ownership accessible to a broader audience. Magic Eden’s continued dedication to innovation and user-centric experiences positions them as a leading force in the NFT space, ready to revolutionize the digital ownership landscape with Linus Chung at the helm.

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