LinksDAO is progressing toward acquiring Scotland's first golf course.

LinksDAO On Road To Acquire Its First Golf Course In Scotland

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LinksDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with a focus on golf, outperformed its rivals to win the bid to purchase the Spey Bay Golf Club, which was listed in Scotland for over $900,000.

The DAO anticipates concluding the contract with the suppliers by the first week of April after winning the auction. The mouth of the River Spey is the site of Spey Bay Golf Club, an oceanfront course with a wealth of natural beauty.

The DAO is now engaged in a process of “due diligence” before concluding any deals, according to CEO Jim Daily, who made the announcement on March 16 during a TwitterSpaces event.

According to a story from Golf Digest, the ultimate price at the conclusion of the settlement is anticipated to be more than the advertised price, even if the listed price for a golf course is $900,000.

The settlement will remain secret, however, until the contract is finished. The group anticipates acquiring possession of the property within the next three to four weeks.

With the help of the sale of NFTs, LinkDAO aims to build the largest golf course community on the planet.

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