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Lacoste Unveils Virtual Store Experience with UNDW3 NFT Loyalty Program

Apparel brand Lacoste redefines retail with an innovative virtual store, offering a captivating journey for traditional and NFT holders.

Lacoste Unveils Virtual Store Experience with UNDW3 NFT Loyalty Program

A Retail Breakthrough in Collaboration

In an extraordinary collaboration with retail technology innovator Emperia, Lacoste introduces a cutting-edge virtual store, bridging the gap between virtual and physical retail. The collaboration reflects Lacoste’s forward-thinking approach to e-commerce and customer loyalty, leading to groundbreaking technologies that enhance the user journey.

A Mesmerizing Virtual Journey

Step into Lacoste’s virtual realm through the iconic crocodile’s mouth and embark on a visual spectacle. The tiled boutique leads to an elevator ride overlooking an outdoor pool area and a stunning beach backdrop. The virtual store creates an immersive shopping experience like no other.

An Adventure Awaits

Customers can dive into an exhilarating crocodile-themed scavenger hunt game while exploring Lacoste’s summer apparel collection. The virtual store offers a fresh perspective on shopping, engaging shoppers in a memorable and enjoyable experience.

The UNDW3 NFT Loyalty Program

Lacoste’s UNDW3 loyalty program takes center stage, offering exclusive underwater VIP space to participants holding UNDW3 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. This premium area presents a curated collection co-created with UNDW3 community members, elevating the connection between fashion and NFT technology.


Unlocking the VIP Experience

Participants can access the VIP space through an email login or by connecting a digital wallet containing the UNDW3 token. Inside, a captivating selection of the UNDW3 apparel collection awaits, featuring physical garments paired with their digital twins in the form of NFTs.

Augmented Reality at Play

Each digital garment comes to life with augmented reality (AR) features, accessed through QR code scanning. The convergence of fashion and technology enhances the shopping experience, offering a unique blend of digital and physical elements.

Lacoste’s Journey into Web3

Lacoste’s foray into Web3 began with the introduction of the UNDW3 NFT Collection in June 2022. Embracing innovation, the collection has gained widespread popularity, captivating users with its novel approach to fashion and NFT integration.

A Paradigm Shift in Retail

The virtual store experience and UNDW3 NFT loyalty program signify a paradigm shift in the retail landscape. Lacoste’s commitment to exploring cutting-edge technologies cements its position as an industry trailblazer, setting new standards for immersive shopping experiences and customer engagement.

Shaping the Future of Retail

With Emperia’s expertise and Lacoste’s visionary approach, the virtual store and NFT loyalty program herald a transformative future for the retail industry. As digital and physical realms converge, the brand continues to push boundaries, creating a seamless and unforgettable journey for shoppers worldwide.

Lacoste Unveils Virtual Store Experience with UNDW3 NFT Loyalty Program


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