Grass ( Wynd Network)

Grass ( Wynd Network)

Retroactive, Testnet

What are Grass?

GetGrass is an application developed by Wynd that allows users to share their internet bandwidth and earn GRT tokens. It aims to contribute to a decentralized and accessible web by leveraging the power of community-driven internet sharing.


Key Features of GetGrass:

  1. Bandwidth Sharing: GetGrass enables users to share their unused internet bandwidth with others. By participating in this sharing economy, users can contribute to a decentralized web infrastructure and help improve internet accessibility.
  2. Earning GRT Tokens: Users who share their bandwidth through GetGrass have the opportunity to earn GRT tokens. GRT is the native cryptocurrency of the Graph Network, which is a decentralized protocol for indexing and querying blockchain data.
  3. Community-Oriented Approach: GetGrass fosters a community-driven ecosystem where users can collaborate and contribute to the development of a decentralized web. It aims to empower individuals and create a more inclusive internet experience for everyone.

How to Earn GRT Tokens

To earn GRT tokens on, you can participate in the Grass network as a data provider. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to earn GRT tokens on

1. Sign up account

Visit the GetGrass website and sign up for an account. Remember user referral code: X0ql4dSqactY7ih

Visit the GetGrass website and sign up for an account
Sign up for an account

2. Download Grass Extension

After registering an account, download Grass Extension here to get started.


3. Login Grass Extension and start your node

This is the final step to start your node, log in to Grass Extension with the information you registered in step 1.

Sign in

Start scraping data: Once your node is set up, you can start scraping data from the web. Grass allows AI labs to directly scrape the internet for web data to train their AI models. By providing valuable web data, you can earn GRT tokens as a data provider.

Contribute high-quality data: To maximize your earnings, focus on providing high-quality and relevant data. This will increase the demand for your data and attract more users to access it.

Receive GRT token rewards: As you contribute data to the Grass network, you will earn GRT tokens as rewards. These tokens can be used within the Grass ecosystem or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.