Kraken Co-Founder Jesse Powell Doubts About FTX 2.0 Revival

Kraken Co-Founder Jesse Powell Doubts About FTX 2.0 Revival

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The revival of FTX 2.0, a cryptocurrency exchange that faced bankruptcy, has sparked a debate in the crypto community. Jesse Powell, the co-founder of Kraken, has expressed doubts about the proposed reorganization plan, citing significant challenges and uncertainties.

Jesse Powell, C.E.O. of Cryptocurrency Exchange Kraken
Jesse Powell, C.E.O. of Cryptocurrency Exchange Kraken

FTX 2.0’s Uncertain Future

Jesse Powell took to Twitter to share his reservations about FTX 2.0’s potential success. He argued that attempting to revive the exchange would be worse than starting from scratch, pointing out several key issues. According to Powell, the absence of a team, technology, licenses, and banking, coupled with a tarnished brand reputation, could hinder the project’s chances of success.

FTX 2.0 would be worse than starting from scratch. No team, no tech, no licenses, no banking, tarnished brand. The trustee should just auction off the domain and trademark to the highest bidder. Anything beyond that is simply a fee extraction attack on delusional creditors.

— Jesse Powell (@jespow) August 2, 2023

The Challenges of Rebuilding

Building a successful exchange requires a skilled and motivated team, which may not be readily available for a revival project. Additionally, replicating FTX’s previous competitive advantages in the highly competitive crypto market could prove to be an uphill battle. Many traders have already moved to alternative exchanges, making it challenging to regain FTX’s previous market position.

FTX 2.0 Coalition’s Optimism

Despite Powell’s concerns, the FTX 2.0 Coalition, composed of FTX users who support the revival, holds an optimistic view. They believe that finding a competent operator with experience and ample resources could lead to the success of FTX 2.0. The coalition emphasizes the potential value of the 1.8 million creditor-customers as a strong support base for the rebooted exchange.

The Fate of FTX 2.0 Remains Uncertain

The fate of FTX 2.0 hangs in the balance, with conflicting views from industry experts and stakeholders. While Powell expresses doubts about the feasibility of the revival, the coalition remains hopeful about the potential success of the project with the right leadership and support from creditors.

A Cryptocurrency Market in Search of Alternatives

The discussion surrounding the potential revival of FTX 2.0 highlights the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market. As traders seek viable alternatives, the absence of FTX has left a void that other exchanges are looking to fill. The competition for market share and user adoption remains fierce, with new and established exchanges vying for prominence.

The Importance of Creditor Support

The success of FTX 2.0, if the revival moves forward, would heavily depend on the backing of its creditors. With 1.8 million creditor-customers potentially supporting the project, their belief in the exchange’s viability could be a decisive factor in its resurgence.


The uncertainty surrounding FTX 2.0’s revival has brought forth a clash of opinions within the cryptocurrency community. Jesse Powell’s reservations underscore the significant challenges faced in rebuilding an exchange with a tarnished reputation and depleted resources. On the other hand, the FTX 2.0 Coalition’s optimism emphasizes the potential value of a dedicated customer base.

As the crypto market continues to evolve, the fate of FTX 2.0 will be closely monitored by traders, investors, and industry observers. The ongoing debate over its revival highlights the importance of strategic decision-making and strong support from stakeholders in shaping the future of cryptocurrency exchanges. The industry’s resilience and ability to adapt to changing circumstances will play a pivotal role in determining the success of projects like FTX 2.0 in a highly competitive and dynamic landscape.

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