KBTG Launches $100 Million KXVC Fund to Fuel Deep Tech and Web3 Innovation in APAC

KBTG Launches $100 Million KXVC Fund to Fuel Deep Tech and Web3 Innovation in APAC

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KASIKORN Business-Technology Group (KBTG), the technology arm of KASIKORNBANK (KBank), has announced the launch of the KXVC fund, a $100 million flagship fund dedicated to empowering global entrepreneurs in the realms of Deep Tech, Web3, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This strategic initiative is poised to tap into the immense potential for innovation and digital growth within the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

KASIKORN Business Technology Group KBTG
KASIKORN Business Technology Group KBTG

Unlocking the Potential of APAC

With APAC boasting a population exceeding 680 million individuals and a projected digital economy set to reach $1 trillion USD by 2030, the region stands as one of the most dynamic digital ecosystems globally. KXVC, strategically aligned with KBank, positions itself as the regional conduit for international innovators in AI, Web3, and Deep Tech, offering them the means to catalyze financial breakthroughs in APAC.

Leadership at the Helm

The KXVC fund is under the expert leadership of Krating Poonpol, Group Chairman of KBTG, an accomplished investor with over 100 investments, four unicorn exits, and ten exits across five funds. Jom Vimolnoht, Managing Director of KXVC, brings his wealth of experience, having invested $400 million USD in startups and supported over 35 startups in the region. Together, they steer KXVC’s mission to become a primary entry point for international entrepreneurs seeking to tap into APAC’s vast corporate, SME, and consumer base.

Catalyzing Innovation in APAC

KXVC places a strong emphasis on AI, Web3, and Deep Tech innovations that intersect with the financial sector, addressing the diverse needs of consumers, corporations, and SME businesses in APAC. The fund intends to invest in companies focused on consumer-centric AI, cybersecurity, AI/ML tools (including deployment platforms, data annotation, and model optimization), and startups tackling AI-specific challenges.

Web3 and Deep Tech Goals

KXVC’s strategic goals encompass Web3 infrastructures, node validators, RPC providers, middleware technologies, privacy solutions, Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs), wallets, alternative Layer 1/Layer 2 solutions, shared securities, Liquid Staking DeFi (LsdFi), and the democratization of NFTs.

Global Reach

Prior to its official launch, KXVC had already engaged with top global AI, Web3, and Deep Tech startups and funds, including MagicLink, Transak, 1KX, Hashkey Capital, Symbolic Capital, L2 Iterative Ventures, Instari Ventures, and KXVC’s expansion plans include investments in over 30 startups and funds worldwide, with a geographical focus on the United States, European Union, Israel, and APAC.

For More Information

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KXVC’s launch signifies a significant milestone in fostering innovation and accelerating Deep Tech, Web3, and AI advancements in the vibrant APAC region while reinforcing its position as a global technology and financial hub.

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