Justin Sun wants to legalize TRON Tender in BRICS Countries.

Justin Sun wants to legalize TRON Tender in BRICS Countries

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This past Wednesday, Justin Sun, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of TRON (TRX), participated in an exclusive interview with Bloomberg TV. He talked about the creation of stablecoins as well as the lawsuits he had to deal with in the cryptocurrency industry.

Sun started off by explaining about trueUSD, also known as stablecoins, because fiat currency has become a restricted choice. In addition, according to his most recent tweet, Hong Kong’s stablecoin will be released on TRX in the near future.

Additionally, TRON’s founder mentioned that Circle and TRX collaborate on cryptocurrency exchanges and decentralized applications (dApps). In addition to this, he insisted on the lawsuits that were filed by the SEC as well as the rumors that were associated with Binance’s acquisition of Huobi Global.

Sun made a comment about how the Tron network has been processing the growth in the market despite the conflicts that have occurred over the course of the past week. Regardless of certain factors, Sun has set his own key performance indicator for the year 2023, which is to have TRX recognized as legal tender in five different countries. The Tron community has begun by disseminating a tweet in which they express their disapproval of the possibility that China will support the tender, which will be followed by the BRICS nations adopting the same strategy.

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