Justin Sun plans to become a professional Memecoin trader

Justin Sun plans to become a professional Memecoin trader

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Justin Sun, the founder of TRON (TRX), tweeted that he had made the decision to introduce “new actively trading memecoins and promising projects” through his public address. This came at a time when the “memecoin season” dominance was growing in the global cryptocurrency market.

In addition to this, Justin Sun made it clear in a tweet that;

I will personally take responsibility for any potential losses incurred as a result of these trades, and I will give 100 percent of any profits made to charity.

Many people have become interested in investing in cryptocurrencies in recent months as a result of the circulation of new meme tokens and unexpected price rallies. Also, new memecoins are created every day on Crypto Twitter, and they all originate from the Pepe (PEPE) coin, which experienced a price increase of more than 5000% in a matter of days.

However, Huobi’s advisor cautioned him that his investments should not be construed as professional financial advice. In addition, Justin Sun issued a warning that there is no assurance that this project will be listed on any exchanges in the future, including Huobi Global and Polaniex.

Justin Sun is well-known for his aggressive marketing strategies and consistent presence across various social media platforms. The cryptocurrency community has responded with both praise and criticism as a result of this development.

Before he established Tron, Sun was the chief representative at Ripple Labs, where he worked before going on to found Tron. in addition to being a consultant for the Greater China region. Additionally, leading memecoin FLOKI commented on the TRON founder’s tweet, expressing their support for the decision that he made.

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