Julie Pacino Will Release an NFT Powered Film Using MoonPay

Julie Pacino Will Release an NFT-Powered Film Using MoonPay

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Popular photographer, producer, and director Julie Pacino is gearing up to launch her new movie “I Live Here Now” in collaboration with self-custody wallet MoonPay.

“I Live Here Now” is inspired by Pacino’s NFT photography collection of the same title. MoonPay will serve as a co-executive producer of Pacino’s NFT movie. 

The movie is funded by the profit generated from her second NFT collection “Keepers of the Inn,” and the “I Live Here Now” NFT collection which debuted in 2021.

The synopsis of the movie: “a young actress, disillusioned with the conflicting demands on her body by Hollywood, runs away to the Madonna Inn after finding out she’s pregnant. But, as she becomes aware of employees watching her every move, she finds that the hotel itself has an even darker interest in her body than Hollywood.”

Julie Pacino noted: “I want to help pave the way for the next generation of artists entering Web3, which is why I’ve aligned with MoonPay, as they have built a platform that makes the entry easy, efficient, and effective.”

“Visibility for NFT artists – especially women and the LGBTQIA+ community – is vital. With MoonPay’s support on this film, we hope to help onboard more individuals into Web3 and amplify their film projects,” Pacino added.

Tom Capone, Head of Entertainment at MoonPay, stated: “We are absolutely thrilled to be a part of I Live Here Now, a historic project that highlights the power of Web3 to create community, break boundaries, and allow artists to share their stories.” 

NFT movies are trying to emerge in the mainstream, with even NFT-funded movies getting recognized by huge filmmakers. In January, Steven Soderbergh gave the Andrews/Bernard Award to NFT-funded Calladita with director Miguel Faus stating “Film3 is the future of independent cinema and is the reason “Calladita” exists.”

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