Huobi Collaborate With Visa to Launch Huobi Visa Card

Huobi Collaborate With Visa to Launch Huobi Visa Card

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Trade in cryptocurrencies The Huobi Visa Card will soon be available for use all across the globe thanks to Huobi’s partnership with Visa. Under the terms of this cooperation, both parties have the intention of contributing to the industry’s growth in a way that is both efficient and effective.

With the debut of this product, Huobi will not only strengthen its position as a brand in the digital market, but it will also provide its consumers with a new gateway for converting fiat currency into cryptocurrency. The Huobi Visa Card will first be made accessible in a number of marketplaces located in Europe, and its availability will soon expand to other locations across the world.

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According to Justin Sun, a member of Huobi’s Global Advisory Board, the partnership might bring about global financial inclusion due to the fact that both Huobi and Visa are excellent in the fields in which they operate.

“Visa wants to act as the bridge between the crypto environment and our worldwide network merchants and with financial institutions as well,” said Cuy Sheffield, Head of Crypto at Visa. “Visa wants to serve as the bridge between the crypto ecosystem and our global network merchants.”

He also said that the firm is pleased about the prospect of collaborating with Huobi in order to increase the number of customers who are exposed to its brand. This card is connected to all of the accounts that Huobi users have, which enables Huobi users to quickly change the balance of their virtual assets into the currency that can be used in their Huobi accounts to pay for the products and services they desire. This card may be used at any of the 80 million sites around the globe that accept Visa payments for goods and services.

Exciting bonuses and privileges are included with the purchase of this card. Users of HT, for instance, are eligible to get cashback on purchases made using this card. In addition, they are entitled to a plethora of other incentives, including privileges in Huobi Earn Products, cashback vouchers, APY booster coupons, sure-win coupon airdrops, and a great deal of other benefits. This card may be obtained in a total of five distinct tiers, namely “Scout,” “Navigator,” “Adventurer,” and “Explorer,” with “Expert” being the highest possible level.

Houbi is currently working with a variety of well-known businesses to strengthen its position in the cryptocurrency sector by expanding its presence. Recent developments include Huobi’s collaboration with Dominica and TRON to launch DMC, the world’s first national token.

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