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Huobi Co-Founder Du Jun Purchases 10 Million CRV from Michael Egorov

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Du Jun, the co-founder of the renowned Huobi exchange, has recently made a significant purchase of 10 million CRV tokens from Michael Egorov, the founder of the Curve protocol. The transaction took place on Wednesday, attracting attention from the crypto community due to its substantial size.

Huobi Co-Founder Du Jun
Huobi Co-Founder Du Jun

A Bold Move in the Market

Du Jun took to Twitter to announce his acquisition, expressing his intention to buy 10 million CRV tokens at a price of $0.4 each. His tweet revealed a strong interest in the cryptocurrency and a willingness to make a sizable investment.


— Du Jun (@DujunX) August 1, 2023

A Closer Look at the Transactions

Etherscan data provided insights into the details of the transaction. Michael Egorov initiated two transactions, each involving 5 million CRV tokens, and received a total of $4 million USDT in return. This exchange showcased a significant transfer of assets between the two prominent figures in the crypto space.

Supporting Innovative Projects

In a subsequent tweet on August 2, Du Jun addressed the questions he received from people wondering why he supports Curve. He clarified that he had extended support to BendDAO when it faced a liquidity crisis the previous year. Jun emphasized that these projects represented crucial innovations in the industry and considered the current challenges as temporary, expressing his belief in the collective strength of supporting the crypto ecosystem.

Egorov’s Ongoing Strategy

On the other hand, Michael Egorov has been diligently selling his CRV holdings to secure loans on various DeFi protocols. The move to sell $20 million worth of CRV tokens on August 1 caught the attention of notable entities like Justin Sun and DWF Labs, who joined in the purchasing frenzy.


The recent purchase of 10 million CRV tokens by Huobi co-founder Du Jun from Michael Egorov reflects the dynamic and engaging nature of the cryptocurrency market. As industry leaders continue to explore and invest in promising projects, the crypto landscape evolves with new opportunities and challenges. Such high-profile transactions spark enthusiasm and curiosity within the community, and they serve as a testament to the enduring growth and innovation of the blockchain industry. As the crypto market matures, strategic decisions and supportive collaborations will play a pivotal role in shaping its future.

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