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Huobi and Wiki Finance Expo Collaborate for Global Expansion

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Huobi, which is one of the most prominent platforms for trading cryptocurrencies, is making concerted efforts to expand the brand’s recognition in international markets. Huobi has formed a partnership with Wiki Finance Expo in order to increase awareness of its trading platform and the services it provides.

Huobi officially announced a strategic partnership with Wiki Finance Expo in a press release published on May 11 to drive global growth and adoption of cryptocurrency. 

According to the information provided in the report, the Wiki Finance Expo Singapore is going to take place at the Sands Expo and Convention Center on May 27, 2023. Wiki Expo, in conjunction with Wiki Bit, WikiFX, and Jinse Finance, is the organization responsible for putting on the exhibition.

Wiki Finance Expo Singapore 2023 is going to be the most exciting event of the year, so get ready for it. It will bring together some of the most prominent figures in the finance industry, such as the well-known actress Annie Yi, an expert on ESG for UBS, Menexenia Tsaroucha, and Hassan Ahemand, who is the country director for Singapore for Coinbase. Others who are well-versed in the industry are coming together to talk about the most recent developments in the financial sector, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrencies, web 3.0, the metaverse, blockchain, and many other topics.

Wiki Finance EXPO World 2023
Wiki Finance EXPO World 2023

The Wiki Finance Expo is a global exhibition that focuses on highlighting fields related to fintech and digital finance. By entering into this partnership, Huobi intends to take advantage of the Expo’s resources and platform with the goals of increasing its market share, expanding its user base as quickly as possible, and reaching a wider audience in international markets.

In addition, it is anticipated that this partnership will make significant contributions to the development of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, which will ultimately lead to an improvement in the general state of the global cryptocurrency industry. The opening reception for the exhibition will begin at 06:30 on May 27 and continue until 15:30 on that same day.

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