Hublot And Takashi Murakami Launches 13 Unique NFTs

Hublot And Takashi Murakami Launches 13 Unique NFTs

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The well-known Japanese artist Takashi Murakami has teamed up with the Swiss luxury watches Hublot to create thirteen new limited editions (NFTs) and thirteen one-of-a-kind clocks that feature “the characteristic smiling flower that is key to the Japanese artist’s work.”

According to the announcement, At a special presentation at the Glass House in New York on February 2, Hublot and Takashi Murakami unveiled their fourth joint creative endeavor.

The thirteen one-of-a-kind NFTs were designed with inspiration from Japanese video games and television from the 1970s, as well as the Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami All Black watch. These NFTs are tied to the limited edition of 13 Classic Fusion watches that will be presented at Watches & Wonders 2023 in Geneva. The event will take place in Geneva.

Only owners of at least one of the 324 All Black or Sapphire Rainbow NFTs that were made available in April 2022 as part of the third Hublot and Takashi Murakami collaboration will be eligible to purchase one of these timepieces for the price of CHF 50,000. The sale will take place exclusively online.

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Every buyer who is lucky enough to acquire one of the twelve watches will also get a one-of-a-kind NFT as part of their purchase.

Before they can be exchanged on OpenSea, these 324 NFTs will first be presented to owners of one of the two watches that were created in collaboration between Hublot and Takashi Murakami. Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami All Black & Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami Sapphire Rainbow.

Any collector who is interested in purchasing one of the 12 new watches can do so by purchasing one of the 324 NFTs that are now listed on OpenSea during the time period between the project’s debut in New York in February and the beginning of the online sales in the beginning of April 2023. The NFTs are currently listed on OpenSea.

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The Traditional Combination The thirteenth watch in the line, the Takashi Murakami Black Ceramic Rainbow, was shown off for the first time in New York. This watch, which draws influence from two other pieces that have been produced in the past, reimagines Takashi Murakami’s distinctive picture, which is a flower with a smile on its face.

During the subsequent phase, collectors will have the chance to trade the twelve NFTs on OpenSea for a duration of one year. This phase will take place after the current one. Only the collector who has accumulated all 12 NFTs by the end of this time period in April 2024 will be eligible to acquire the thirteenth and most sought watch, which is the Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami Black Ceramic Rainbow. This collector will be the only one qualified to make this purchase.

In the event that no one has been able to acquire all twelve NFTs, Hublot will put the watch up for sale in order to raise money for charity. This launch is proof of the high collectability of the cooperation between Hublot and the Japanese artist since it represents the third time that Hublot and the artist have cooperated on a watch.

This is not the only author with whom Takashi Murakami has worked. In May of 2018, Takashi Murakami and RTFKT worked together on the release of CloneX Chains NFTs. CloneX chains further have an RTFKT logo that is rendered in the characteristic animated art style of Murakami.

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