How to Add zkSync to MetaMask

How to Add zkSync to MetaMask

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Can you add zkSync to MetaMask?

Yes, even though it’s a zk-rollup, a form of layer-2 solution for Ethereum, zkSync maintains compatibility with MetaMask. It supports applications based on solidity, which eases its integration with MetaMask. To accomplish this, you’ll need to set up a custom RPC (Remote Procedure Call) URL specific to the zkSync network within your MetaMask wallet. These necessary details can be conveniently found by navigating through Chainlist.

How to Add zkSync to MetaMask

Linking to the zkSync Network with your MetaMask account is now a breeze, thanks to the Chainlist application. Chainlist acts as a comprehensive repository of EVM networks, gathering verified RPC endpoints to enable the effortless addition of any network to your MetaMask Wallet.

Here’s an uncomplicated three-step process to initiate your journey:

  1. Visit the ChainList website and connect your MetaMask Wallet.
  2. In the search bar at the top of the webpage, type ‘zkSync’.
  3. Find zkSync Era Mainnet and then click ‘Add to MetaMask’ to connect to the network.
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What is zkSync?

zkSync stands as one of the most favored zk-rollups currently under development. It’s a scaling solution that leverages zero-knowledge proofs to keep each transaction’s associated data confidential while still being able to authenticate the entire blockchain’s correctness. This capability positions zkSync to offer much greater throughput than other solutions like Plasma or Optimistic Rollups, along with significantly reduced fees.

zkSync employs a new transaction format that enables users to bundle multiple transfers into a single compressed transaction, termed an “account update.” This implies that instead of generating and signing several distinct transactions (one for each transfer), users can compress those same transfers into a single account update. This not only minimizes the quantum of data to be dispatched to the network but also allows for more efficient verification by the network itself.


In summary, zkSync, a well-liked zk-rollup and an Ethereum layer-2 solution, is harmonious with MetaMask by utilizing a custom RPC URL. The most straightforward method to accomplish this integration is via the ChainList application. Even though it’s an innovative concept, the zkSync solution presents promising attributes like batched transactions and significantly diminished fees, suggesting it could transform how we conduct transactions on the Ethereum network.

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