How to Add ZetaChain to MetaMask

How to Add ZetaChain to MetaMask

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Can I Add ZetaChain to MetaMask?

Setting up the ZetaChain Athens-3 testnet in your MetaMask wallet is quite simple. Recall that ZetaChain’s testnet, Athens-3, is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM); its mainnet has not yet been released. It is very similar to adding other EVM-compatible networks to MetaMask in terms of how to do so. You must enter the relevant Chain ID information and the validated RPC URL for the setup to be successful.

How to Add ZetaChain’s Athens-3 Testnet to MetaMask

Using the ChainList app is the easiest way to incorporate ZetaChain’s Athens-3 testnet into your MetaMask wallet. For obtaining network configurations, ChainList is a dependable resource that is especially helpful for EVM-compatible networks, such as ZetaChain’s Athens-3. This will eliminate the need for any manual data entry, greatly simplifying the process.

Simply follow these easy steps to begin connecting your MetaMask to ZetaChain’s Athens-3:

  1. Go to the ChainList website.
  2. Sync your MetaMask wallet with the ChainList platform.
  3. Use the search bar to locate ‘ZetaChain Athens-3’.
  4. Hit the ‘Add to MetaMask’ option to automatically update your MetaMask extension with the validated RPC details for ZetaChain’s Athens-3 testnet.
ChainList zetachain

ZetaChain RPC Details

You will need to enter the following RPC (Remote Procedure Call) details in order to integrate ZetaChain’s Athens-3 testnet with your digital wallet. It is strongly advised to review the official ZetaChain documentation for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

  • Network name: ZetaChain Athens-3 Testnet
  • Network URL:
  • Chain ID: 7001
  • Currency symbol: ZETA
  • Block explorer URL:

With these specifics, you can easily configure your wallet to communicate with the Athens-3 Testnet of ZetaChain.

What is ZetaChain?

ZetaChain is a Layer 1 blockchain that is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Its design is specifically tailored to enable the development of decentralized applications (dApps) capable of operating seamlessly across multiple chains. Utilizing a decentralized proof-of-stake system, ZetaChain employs unique omnichain smart contracts to monitor assets and data across all interconnected chains. Notably, it has already processed over 14 million cross-chain transactions and hosts more than 32,000 dApps, underscoring its scalability and security features.

ZetaChain addresses the significant interoperability challenges within the web3 space. It comes equipped with built-in connections to all blockchains, including those like Bitcoin and Dogecoin that do not inherently support smart contracts. Through chain-agnostic message passing, ZetaChain facilitates the interaction of existing smart contracts across various blockchain layers. This comprehensive approach positions ZetaChain as a versatile solution for conducting seamless and secure cryptocurrency transactions across diverse networks.



In conclusion, you can efficiently manage the integration of ZetaChain’s Athens-3 Testnet into your MetaMask wallet using the ChainList application. For developers who want to improve their cross-platform decentralized apps, this testnet is a vital environment. Users can also investigate the features and capabilities of ZetaChain’s exclusive cross-chain solutions. Setup is as easy as entering a few RPC details, which makes it a useful option to improve your communication with several blockchains.

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