How to Add Synapse Chain to MetaMask

How to Add Synapse Chain to MetaMask

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Can I Add Synapse Chain to MetaMask?

Yes, incorporating Synapse Chain into your MetaMask wallet is perfectly feasible. This is due to the fact that Synapse Chain operates as an Optimistic Rollup based on Ethereum, utilizing the OP Stack. This distinct configuration renders Synapse compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), a compatibility that MetaMask recognizes. Presently, Synapse Chain is in the testnet phase. Consequently, to test applications or deploy contracts, you’ll need to engage with their Sepolia testnet chain until the launch of the mainnet.‍

How to Add Synapse Chain to MetaMask

The most secure method to link your MetaMask wallet with the Synapse Chain is by personally setting up a connection to the official Synapse Chain Sepolia network information. For the most precise and current details, refer to the authoritative Synapse documentation – your dependable guide to maneuvering the trailblazing EVM-compatible platform provided by this Ethereum-founded Optimistic Rollup, all made possible by its creation on the Syn OP Stack.

To facilitate this, follow this straightforward 4-step guide:

  1. Head to the official Synapse Chain documentation to obtain the most recent RPC details.
  2. Access your MetaMask Wallet and select the ‘Add Network’ feature.
  3. Carefully insert the confirmed Synapse Chain mainnet RPC specifics into your MetaMask Wallet.
  4. Hit ‘connect’, and you’re all set to explore and deploy interchain applications with ease, benefiting from faster transaction times and significantly lower fees.
Synapse Chain mainnet RPC

Synapse RPC Details

Outlined below are the RPC specifics, meticulously crafted for the Synapse Chain blockchain network. For dependable and exact information, our strong suggestion is to peruse the official Synapse documentation.

For RPC and network specifics pertaining to different versions of Synapse Chain, we invite you to delve into our Synapse Mainnet guide or Synapse Testnet guide for a more comprehensive comprehension.

About Synapse Chain

Synapse Chain represents a revolutionary Optimistic Rollup, rooted in the Ethereum blockchain, and built upon the cutting-edge Syn OP Stack. This distinctive framework enables a native interchain rollup, skillfully interacting with multiple supported chains via the Synapse Interchain Network. This network fosters a scalable, trustless ecosystem where transactions are virtually instantaneous and significantly more cost-effective than on Ethereum, hence making interchain deposits and quick withdrawals feasible through the Synapse Chain Bridge.

Acting as an interchain data availability layer in the Synapse Interchain Network, Synapse Chain plays a pivotal role, augmenting the creation of new interchain applications. It offers a high-throughput, low-cost data availability and execution environment, firmly anchoring all interchain operations on the Ethereum platform. This, in turn, nurtures a secure and seamless environment for innovation and expansion in the interchain communication domain.

Synapse Chain


In conclusion, Synapse Chain, an Ethereum-based Optimistic Rollup, can seamlessly integrate with your MetaMask wallet. Currently in its testnet phase, users can manually connect to the Synapse Chain Sepolia network through MetaMask by following a straightforward 4-step guide. With its foundation on the innovative Syn OP Stack, Synapse Chain champions a scalable, trustless ecosystem, ushering in rapid interchain transactions at reduced costs.

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