How to Add Sui to MetaMask

How to Add Sui to MetaMask

Can you Add Sui to MetaMask?

No, linking Sui to a MetaMask Wallet isn’t feasible as Sui isn’t compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Sui employs a distinct programming language termed ‘Move’, which is the brainchild of Facebook’s Project Libra. This discrepancy in programming languages signifies that Sui cannot engage with wallets designed for Ethereum-based tokens, like MetaMask.

Therefore, if you are a Sui user, you’ll require a wallet that’s explicitly designed for it, such as the Sui Wallet.

How to Install a Sui Wallet

The procedure to append and install the Sui Wallet to your Chrome Browser mirrors the user flow of downloading a MetaMask Wallet. The overall user experience also echoes that of MetaMask, with the wallet enabling you to send and receive tokens, manage your portfolio, and even hold NFTs that are innate to Sui.

To started, you can adhere to our straightforward guide below:

  1. Visit the Sui Wallet Chrome Store and install the browser extension. We recommend using Google Chrome over browsers like Mozilla or Brave.
  2. Create your account and save your seed phrase.
  3. Now you’re ready to start using the Sui network!
Sui wallet

Does MetaMask plan to support Sui?

‍At present, MetaMask has not declared any plans to back the Sui network. Considering MetaMask is a product of ConsenSys, a prominent investor in the Ethereum Foundation, it’s unlikely they’ll endorse non-EVM chains. Their primary aim seems to foster the growth of EVM while curtailing the adoption of alternative languages like Move or Rust (Solana). If their position shifts, we’ll swiftly update this data.

About Sui

Sui is a permissionless, decentralized Layer 1 blockchain designed to support a wide range of applications, particularly those that require high throughput and low latency, is created by Mysten Labs. It aims to address the limitations of existing blockchains, such as low scalability, high transaction fees, and complex development environments.



In summary, despite the rising popularity of the Sui blockchain, it’s crucial to understand that it’s not compatible with Ethereum-based wallets like MetaMask due to its distinctive ‘Move’ programming language. As a result, Sui users need to set up a dedicated Sui Wallet, which can be simply installed using a process akin to MetaMask’s installation.

MetaMask has refrained from revealing any intentions to back non-EVM chains, such as Sui. Nonetheless, Sui continues to be a fascinating contender in the blockchain arena with its innovative ‘Move’ language, and we will update our readers on any shifts in its wallet compatibility.

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