How to Add Flashbots to MetaMask

How to Add Flashbots to MetaMask

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Can I Add Flashbots to MetaMask?

it is feasible to amalgamate Flashbots Protect with your MetaMask wallet, providing you with a shield against front-running attacks. Flashbots is a research and development entity focused on mitigating the detrimental externalities and existential threats of miner extractable value (MEV). To facilitate this, they devised a private RPC that conceals your transactions from the public mempool.

How to Add Flashbots Protect to MetaMask

Contemplating bolstering your MetaMask wallet’s security with Flashbots Protect? Look no further than the Flashbots official documentation – your reliable guide. Flashbots, a notable entity in the cryptocurrency arena, is dedicated to alleviating the negative impacts of miner extractable value (MEV). It provides users with a sturdy protective layer against potential front-running and sandwich attacks, thus ensuring a more secure transaction experience.

Below is a simple walkthrough to aid you in the setup:

  1. Visit the official Flashbots Protect documentation page.
  2. Select the ‘Connect Wallet to Protect’ button to join the verified RPC.
  3. MetaMask will now pop up and prompt you to ‘approve’ the network connection.
  4. You are now protected by Flashbots from front-running on all your transactions!

Flashbots Protect RPC Details

Presenting the carefully compiled RPC details for incorporating Flashbots Protect into your network environment. For the most precise and authenticated data, we advise consulting the official Flashbots documentation.

Always strive to cross-check information from diverse reliable sources to guarantee a safe and seamless experience when integrating Flashbots Protect with your MetaMask wallet.

What is Flashbots?

Flashbots is a research-centric organization dedicated to reducing the detrimental effects of miner extractable value (MEV) within the crypto sector. With a mission to boost the fairness and transparency of blockchain environments, it innovates solutions like Flashbots Protect, assisting users in shielding their transactions from front-running and sandwich attacks.

Such endeavors encourage a safer and more equitable ecosystem, cultivating faith and dependability in the blockchain industry. Concentrating on cooperative research and open-source development, Flashbots seeks to propel the principles of decentralized systems, benefiting a multitude of market participants.



Flashbots, a trailblazer in mitigating the negative impacts of Miner Extractable Value (MEV), has effortlessly collaborated with MetaMask to bolster transaction safety. Users can readily enable the Flashbots Protect function, a safeguard against common threats such as front-running, enhancing their crypto transaction journey. To aid this, an easy-to-follow guide is accessible on the official Flashbots site, promoting a secure and more equitable blockchain environment.

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