How to Add DeBank Chain to MetaMask

How to Add DeBank Chain to MetaMask

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Can I Add DeBank Chain?

Yes, you can amalgamate DeBank Chain with your MetaMask Wallet. Functioning as a Layer 2 utilizing the OP Stack, DeBank Chain is architectured to tackle issues such as gas costs and user experience in the Web3 ecosystem. To incorporate DeBank Chain into MetaMask, merely adhere to DeBank’s directives, which include inputting the correct Network ID and Chain ID data. Alternatively, a trusted EVM aggregator can be employed to auto-connect to any network.

How to Add DeBank Chain to MetaMask

Keen on navigating the DeBank Chain on your MetaMask wallet? Here’s a straightforward guide utilizing ChainList, the premier EVM network information aggregator in the domain. ChainList simplifies the process of locating and connecting with any EVM-compatible network, including DeBank Chain’s testnet, by offering validated RPC and network IDs.

Given that DeBank Chain is currently solely available on testnet, you are required to join their testnet RPC.

Follow these uncomplicated steps to onboard with the verified DeBank Chain:

  1. Head over to the ChainList website.
  2. Use the platform’s feature to connect your MetaMask Wallet.
  3. In the search bar at the top of the page, enter ‘DeBank Chain’.
  4. Find ‘Add to MetaMask’ under DeBank Chain’s testnet EVM and click it. This action will automatically add the verified RPC information to your MetaMask extension.
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DeBank Chain RPC

Users eager to delve into DeBank’s Chain RPC can consult the API Documentation for in-depth insights on parameters and pull requests. Despite the Layer 2 being a recent announcement and the accompanying documentation being presently limited, it’s anticipated to evolve and refine progressively over time.

What is DeBank Chain?

DeBank Chain is an innovative venture by DeBank, constructed atop the OP Stack to amplify the Web3 ecosystem. It aspires to manifest as the asset layer precisely engineered for social interactions, concentrating on diminishing gas costs and delivering a user-friendly experience.

Currently accessible solely on testnet, with a Mainnet launch envisioned for 2024, DeBank Chain unveils groundbreaking attributes such as a dedicated Layer 2 private key system for transactions. This audacious project is geared to overhaul how crypto assets and social interactions are amalgamated, signifying a substantial progression in Web 3 social media.



To wrap up, DeBank Chain epitomizes an inventive stride forward in the Web3 ecosystem, concentrating on reducing gas costs and enhancing user experience. By integrating with MetaMask via simplistic procedures like utilizing ChainList, users can explore DeBank Chain’s testnet and gear up for the Mainnet launch in 2024.

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