How to Add Boba Network to MetaMask

How to Add Boba Network to MetaMask

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Can I Add Boba Network to MetaMask?

it is possible to incorporate the Boba Network into your MetaMask wallet, similar to other custom networks. Boba is a blockchain that is compatible with EVM, utilizing optimistic rollups to enhance scalability and reduce fees. This technology enables Boba to provide a Layer 2 solution that integrates seamlessly with Ethereum’s Layer 1, facilitating developers to operate their decentralized apps more efficiently. The process of adding Boba Network to MetaMask is straightforward, offering users a faster and more cost-effective blockchain experience.

How to Add Boba Network to MetaMask Wallet

Adding the Boba Network layer 2 to your MetaMask wallet is a simple procedure that involves setting up RPC details and the corresponding Network ID in your wallet preferences. For a smooth and secure setup, it’s advisable to use a network aggregator such as ChainList. This tool facilitates effortless discovery and connection to any acknowledged mainnet or testnet EVM-compatible chain with just a single click.

Below is a concise 4-step guide to assist you:

  1. Navigate to the ChainList webpage and connect your MetaMask Wallet.
  2. In the search bar located at the top portion of the webpage, type ‘Boba Network’.
  3. Locate the Boba Network protocol from the dropdown menu and select ‘Add to MetaMask’.
  4. Follow the instructions on your MetaMask wallet to establish a secure connection.
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Boba RPC Details

Here are the RPC details specifically for the Boba blockchain network. To ensure utmost reliability and precision, it’s recommended to refer to the official Boba documentation or utilize ChainList as a resource.

For a safe and seamless experience when integrating Boba Network with your MetaMask wallet, it’s highly recommended to verify these details across multiple reliable sources.

What is Boba Network?

Boba Network is a Layer-2 multichain platform that utilizes optimistic rollup technology to connect various blockchains with real-world data. Its HybridCompute™ technology allows for the real-time merging of off-chain data with smart contracts, thereby enabling the development of more intelligent applications for widespread use. The network delivers lower transaction fees and improved scalability, leading to quicker and more affordable blockchain interactions.

Boba, being EVM-compatible, provides support for Ethereum, Avalanche, and BNB, thereby streamlining the deployment of decentralized applications across these blockchains. Features like the rapid withdrawal facility and the Dual Fee Token system elevate the user experience. Crafted by the Enya team under the aegis of the Boba Foundation, this network combines web-scale infrastructure with blockchain technology, offering a rich environment for developers to innovate.

Babo Network


In summary, the integration of Boba Network into your MetaMask wallet is not only achievable but also beneficial for users keen on utilizing Boba’s advanced functionalities such as scalable EVM-compatible smart contracts and optimistic rollups. The process is made simpler by using ChainList, a trusted source for accurate RPC and Network IDs. For a safe and smooth integration experience, it’s always wise to cross-verify these details.

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