How to Add Avalanche to MetaMask

How to Add Avalanche to MetaMask

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Can you Add Avalanche to MetaMask? 

It is possible to link Avalanche and your MetaMask Wallet. Because Avalanche (AVAX) is an Ethereum-based blockchain that is compatible with the EVM and supports smart contracts, it can work with MetaMask without any issues. You can obtain the verified Network ID and Chain ID data from a reliable EVM-network resource such as ChainList. These are required in order to add Avalanche to your MetaMask Wallet.

How to Add Avalanche to MetaMask Wallet

For a swift integration of the Avalanche Network into your MetaMask wallet, Chainlist can be your trusted platform of choice. As a reliable repository of EVM-compatible blockchain data, Chainlist simplifies the process of discovering and connecting to blockchains such as Avalanche. It provides verified RPC and network IDs, ensuring a secure connection. The integration procedure is efficient, taking only a few minutes and following a series of straightforward steps. By leveraging the convenience and accuracy of Chainlist, you can seamlessly integrate the Avalanche Network into your MetaMask wallet, unlocking a world of possibilities within the Avalanche ecosystem.

Here’s a quick start guide to get you going:

  1. Navigate to ChainList’s website.
  2. Connect your MetaMask Wallet by following the prompts.
  3. In the search bar at the top of the page, type ‘Avalanche’ and select it from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click ‘Add to MetaMask’ located beneath the Avalanche EVM section. The verified RPC details will be automatically incorporated into your MetaMask extension.
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Avalanche RPC Details

Below, you can find the verified Avalanche C-Chain RPC details as provided by the official Avalanche Support Blog:

Please ensure that you input these details accurately when configuring your MetaMask wallet to connect to the Avalanche C-Chain. This will enable you to seamlessly interact with the Avalanche ecosystem and make the most of its features and capabilities.

What is the Avalanche C-Chain?

The Avalanche network is a decentralized and open-source platform designed for the seamless launch and management of blockchain protocols and applications. A notable feature of the Avalanche network is its innovative consensus mechanism called Avalanche C-Chain. This mechanism ensures fast transaction finality and high throughput, all while maintaining decentralization and robust security.

One of the key advantages of the Avalanche network is its scalability. Through the implementation of sharding technology, the network can support an unlimited number of parallel blockchains operating concurrently. This scalability feature enables the network to handle a significant volume of transactions efficiently.


Moreover, the Avalanche network provides support for customizable smart contracts and tokens. This flexibility allows businesses and developers to create and launch their projects on a reliable and robust infrastructure. By leveraging the Avalanche network, users have the opportunity to build and deploy a wide range of applications tailored to their specific needs.

Overall, the Avalanche network offers a powerful and versatile platform for blockchain innovation, enhancing transaction speed, scalability, and customization options for businesses and developers.


To sum it up, integrating the Avalanche Network into your MetaMask wallet is a hassle-free procedure, made possible by reliable EVM-compatible blockchain data repositories like ChainList. This seamless integration allows you to effortlessly connect with and engage in Avalanche’s extensive ecosystem of Ethereum-based smart contracts, decentralized applications, and services.

By following a few simple steps and incorporating the verified Avalanche C-Chain RPC details into your MetaMask wallet, you’re only a few clicks away from unlocking the immense potential offered by the Avalanche Network. Remember, with the combination of MetaMask and Avalanche, you have the power of blockchain technology right at your fingertips. Explore, transact, and discover the vast opportunities that await you in this exciting ecosystem.

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