Grayscale Requests Simultaneous Approval of Bitcoin ETFs by SEC

Grayscale Requests Simultaneous Approval of Bitcoin ETFs by SEC

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Cryptocurrency asset manager Grayscale Investments has taken a bold step by sending a letter to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) urging them to approve all proposed Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) simultaneously. The move comes after the SEC’s previous rejection of Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF application, and the company believes that granting approval to all the ETFs at once will ensure fairness and equal opportunities among ETF issuers.

The SEC should approve spot #bitcoin ETFs to trade in the US.
What’s more, their previous approval of bitcoin futures ETFs shows that they are already in a position to do so.
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— Grayscale (@Grayscale) July 27, 2023

Seeking Equal Ground for Bitcoin ETFs

The focus keyword, “bitcoin ETFs,” takes center stage as Grayscale emphasizes the importance of treating all ETFs fairly. By requesting the SEC to approve all proposed Bitcoin ETFs concurrently, Grayscale aims to prevent any one ETF from gaining an advantage over the others. They assert that such an approach would promote investor protection and create a level playing field for ETF issuers.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs and Their Relationship with Bitcoin Futures ETFs

Grayscale’s argument gains strength as they highlight the correlation between spot Bitcoin ETFs and Bitcoin futures ETFs. The SEC has previously granted approval for Bitcoin futures ETFs, which are indirectly tied to the price of Bitcoin. Grayscale contends that approving spot Bitcoin ETFs should be a natural progression, as these funds directly follow the cryptocurrency’s market value.

Disagreement Over Monitoring Market Manipulation

Recent ETF filings have included agreements with Coinbase to aid the SEC in monitoring market manipulation. However, Grayscale expresses skepticism about the efficacy of these agreements. They assert that Coinbase’s lack of registration as a securities exchange or broker-dealer with the SEC raises concerns about meeting the regulatory standards for effective market monitoring.

Striving for Fairness and Transparency

In their pursuit of fairness and transparency, Grayscale seeks to create an environment where all ETFs, regardless of their structure or affiliations, are treated equally. By urging the SEC to approve all proposed Bitcoin ETFs together, Grayscale aims to foster a market that offers equal opportunities to all participants and safeguards investor interests.

The Path Ahead

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, the regulatory landscape surrounding ETFs is constantly under scrutiny. Grayscale’s request for simultaneous approval of Bitcoin ETFs by the SEC has garnered attention from investors and industry experts alike. The outcome of this request could shape the future of cryptocurrency ETFs and set a precedent for how such financial products are regulated in the United States.


Grayscale Investments’ bold move to request simultaneous approval of Bitcoin ETFs by the SEC underscores their commitment to fairness and equal opportunities in the market. With their argument centered around treating all ETFs fairly, Grayscale hopes to avoid any unfair advantage for individual funds. As the industry eagerly awaits the SEC’s response, the decision could have significant implications for the broader cryptocurrency market and pave the way for a more transparent and inclusive ETF ecosystem.

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