Google Cloud collaborates with Tezos as a Validator on PoS Network

Google Cloud collaborates with Tezos as a Validator on PoS Network

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Google Cloud, the world’s most popular search engine, has formed a partnership with the Tezos foundation in order to participate in the creation of Web3 applications that will run on the Tezos blockchain network.

Because of this partnership, Google Cloud, the company’s division that focuses on cloud computing, has agreed to participate as a validator on the Tezos blockchain, which uses the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm.

According to the press release, the agreements would make it possible for corporate customers of Google Cloud to develop and publish web3 applications on the Tezos blockchain by employing Google’s Cloud platform.

The Tezos network will benefit from Google Cloud’s participation as a validator or “Baker,” which will make it possible for the company’s commercial customers to advance blockchain technology. In addition to this, a select group of companies that have been fostered by Tezos will be eligible to get mentoring and credits from Google Cloud.

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Having becoming a validator on the Tezos blockchain, Google Cloud is now eligible to collect transaction fees, much like a number of other validators, who are referred to as “bakers” in the Tezos language. On the other hand, a representative from a cloud-based services provider suggested that the company would decline to make the payment.

The corporation is not making its first voyage into the world of blockchain technology. In the latter part of September, it reached an agreement to operate a validator node on the Ronin network, which is an Ethereum sidechain.

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