Gaming Hardware Giant Razer released zVentures Web 3 Incubator

Gaming Hardware Giant Razer released zVentures Web 3 Incubator

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Razer, a manufacturer of gaming hardware and accessories, has started a new program called zVentures Web3 Incubator (ZW3I) that aims to support Web3 gaming projects and make them more accessible to general audiences.


Razer, with its well-established brand recognition and large user base of nearly 200 million gamers, has the potential to have a significant influence on the development of Web3 gaming in the years to come.

ZW3I will select game developers for its incubation program who have “a solid track record in generating successful games” to assist in bringing Web3-enabled games to mainstream audiences. ZW3I’s goal is to bring games that are compatible with Web3 to as many people as possible.

Razer has not disclosed any information about the scale of ZW3I or the amount of cash that has been set aside for it, citing the fact that it is a privately held company. It is essential to keep in mind that zVentures started its business in 2016 with a capital of thirty million dollars, as this fact is very important.

Razer has demonstrated its interest in venture capital and its dedication to cryptocurrencies and Web3 through its current investments in blockchain and cryptocurrency companies such as Monsoon Digital,, TripleA Finblox, and Coinomo, as well as in the Web3 game company Animoca Brands.

Razer is aware that the first generation of Web3 games has not been able to successfully capture the attention of the general audience.

The next generation of Web3 games, according to builders (also known as BUIDLers in the Web3 community), will have greater success in attracting traditional gamers because they will place a greater emphasis on interactive gameplay and satisfying social interaction.

Razer aspires to create what it calls “immersive” and “engaging” experiences with ZW3I.

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