Gala Music to Launch Unreleased David Bowie Song as an NFT

Gala Music to Launch Unreleased David Bowie Song as an NFT

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Legendary musician David Bowie will have the unreleased version of his hit song “Let’s Dance” to take rebirth as an NFT. Gala Music, a Gala Games arm, is launching NFTs that hold the hit David Bowie song, on April 14th, 2023.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of David Bowie’s 1983 hit single“Let’s Dance” from the alum titled the same. Gala Music collaborated with music producer Larry Dvoskin and music publishing company Warner-Chappell Music to drop the NFTs.

The unheard version of the song which Dvoskin and Bowie co-produced in 2002, will be made available to the holders of the 3,003 NFTs that Gala Music is launching on April 14th. 

The Bowie-inspired NFTs will be offered on a pay-what-you-want basis. The proceeds from the sale will go towards Music Cares, a non-profit organization for musicians.

Warner Chappell Music refers to this project as its “first completely native NFT agreement” for a song that had never been made available. According to Dvoskin, the song is a “more dreamy, electronic” rendition of “Let’s Dance.”

Dvoskin stated “When I first talked with the executor of the Bowie Estate, he told me he initially planned to listen to my pitch about releasing this as an NFT and then politely pass. But when he pulled up the original 2002 email in which Bowie expressed his enthusiasm for doing the recording, that changed his mind. This was a creative endeavor David never got to see released during his lifetime. We are honoring his wish by releasing it now.”

Last October, the David Bowie NFT Collab with FEWOCiOUS sold for $127,000. The “Bowie on the Blockchain” collection highlighted the works of nine great artists. Other NFTs in the collection sold between 3 ETH ($4,000) to 7.5 ETH ($9,800). 

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