G Dragon Launches NFT Collection on Opensea

G-Dragon Launches NFT Collection on Opensea

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K-pop star Kwon Ji-Yong, known by his stage name G-Dragon (GD), forays into the NFT world with his new NFT collection “Archive of PEACEMINUSONE,” now available on Opensea.

The South Korean rapper and record producer launched the NFT collection on the BNB Chain in partnership with Fandom Studio. 

The “Archive of PEACEMINUSONE” collection comprises 13,444 unique NFTs priced at 0.27 BNB each, based on GD’s original painting: Archive 2016. 

“|ARCHIVE 2016’| is an original painting by G-Dragon. It represents the identity of PEACEMINUSONE (PMO, the brand created by GD) and incorporates intimate details of G-Dragon’s life and personal evolution,” Opensea notes.

The allowlist winners stage is already over, with the 1st Public Stage ongoing right now. At the time of writing, 1,397 NFTs from G-Dragon’s NFT collection are already minted.

Every NFT holder will get the ability to order merch with their puzzle piece printed on it, a physical certificate, and access to a puzzle game created by PEACEMINUSONE.

Some of the lucky holders will receive the BigBang member’s concert tickets, early access to merch, and a physical certificate with autographs and doodles by G-Dragon.

Two more exciting G-Dragon NFT drops are on their way to Opensea. On April 22, 1,888 NFTs priced at $288 will be available to mint. About 654 NFTs priced at $488 will be available on April 29, 2023.

The K-pop industry is readily exploring the concepts of NFT and Metaverse. Last February, Binance partnered with YG Entertainment to promote sustainable NFTs, the company is also been home to G-Dragon since he was 14 years old.

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