TonUP is a launchpad specifically designed to identify and nurture promising projects within The Open Network (TON) ecosystem. It serves as a platform for discovering and supporting innovative projects in the crypto space.

Key Features of TonUP Launchpad:

  1. The Open Network (TON) Blockchain: TonUP operates on The Open Network (TON) blockchain, which is a high-performance Proof-of-Stake (PoS) public chain. TON is known for its focus on supporting large-scale applications and aligning with the principles of decentralization.
  2. Community Protection Plan (CPP): TonUP introduces a unique concept called the Community Protection Plan (CPP) to safeguard the interests of its community members. The CPP includes the Liquidity Supervision Plan and the Price Protection Plan. The Liquidity Supervision Plan ensures the quality of projects by committing a significant portion of their fundraising amount into decentralized exchanges (DEX) and jointly supervising liquidity pools. The Price Protection Plan sets a minimum price protection, offering a safety net for token prices within a specified period after the project launches.
  3. Support for Project Developers: TonUP provides a secure and supportive launchpad for project developers. It offers marketing services, community-building initiatives, and expertise to enhance visibility, reputation, and community engagement for both established and new projects .
  4. Diverse Audience: TonUP caters to crypto enthusiasts and investors looking for promising projects within the TON ecosystem. The platform’s focus on community involvement and transparency fosters a community-driven approach to decision-making.



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foresight x
m ventures
mixmarvel dao venture
newtribe capital
toncoin fund
waterdrip capital
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Round: Seed
Date: October, 2023