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MEXC Ventures

MEXC Ventures is a venture capital firm primarily focusing on investments in blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. Here’s some information about MEXC Ventures:

  • MEXC Ventures & Labs: Functioning as a subsidiary of the globally recognized cryptocurrency exchange, MEXC, MEXC Ventures operates a Twitter account named MEXC Ventures & Labs (@MVenturesLabs). However, detailed information about their portfolio or investments was not immediately available in the search results.
  • Partnership with TON Foundation: MEXC Ventures has made a notable investment in The Open Network (TON), a blockchain infrastructure layer for the Web3 ecosystem within Telegram. This investment signifies MEXC’s most considerable Layer-1 funding endeavor. As part of this collaboration, MEXC Ventures commits to providing marketing services and promotional support for TON-based projects listed on its platform. They also have plans to launch a TON collateral lending service and waive trading fees associated with the TON token.
  • Investment in Toncoin: MEXC Ventures, via its investment division, announced an “eight-figure funding into Toncoin,” the native token of the TON blockchain. This investment is projected to back various TON-based projects, including Megaton Finance, TONPlay, Fanzee, and Sonet. MEXC exchange will also extend marketing services and offer 0% trading fees for Toncoin.


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