Folks Finance


Introducing Folks Finance, a cutting-edge DeFi platform poised to redefine the landscape of DeFi.

Folks Finance backer

With a comprehensive suite of services including Lending, Borrowing, Swaps, Liquid Staking, and Leveraged Trading, Folks has seamlessly amassed an impressive $220 million in TVL, garnered a dedicated user base of 12,000 Monthly Active Users, and achieved a remarkable $300,000 in MRR– all achieved without the official launch of their token.

Folks will launch their cross-chain DeFi hub platform, leveraging the capabilities of Chainlink CCIP, Wormhole and Circle CCTP to facilitate seamless Cross-Chain lending. 

Folks Finance has garnered substantial backing from industry leaders, including Borderless, Dapper Labs, Genesis, Coinbase Ventures, ParaFi Capital, Jump Crypto, and OKX Ventures

Currently there’s a strategic investment round opportunity open under the following terms:

Strategic/KOL Round

  • Valuation: $75.000.000
  • Fundraising Target: $2.250.000
  • Token Generation Event: 10%
  • Cliff: 0
  • Vesting: 12 months

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