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Floki’s Second Guerrilla Marketing Competition Calls for Real-World Creativity

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Floki has recently introduced its Guerrilla Marketing Competition, which aims to promote the brand through unconventional marketing strategies in the physical world. Participants are invited to showcase their originality and innovative ideas to capture the attention of audiences and create widespread awareness about Floki.

The first edition of the competition attracted an impressive turnout of more than 300 entries, with participants showcasing their real-world marketing activities inspired by Floki.

Now, Floki is launching its second Guerrilla Marketing Competition, presenting participants with an exciting challenge to transcend the digital realm and devise captivating marketing activities in the real world. The competition offers a remarkable prize pool of $37,000 USDT.

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The competition will take place over three months, starting from April 17th, 6 pm UTC, and concluding on July 17th, 6 pm UTC. Entries will be accepted starting May 17th.

Participating in this extraordinary competition is simple and involves the following steps:

1. Create a video that showcases your real-world marketing activity dedicated to Floki.
2. Share your submission on Twitter along with a detailed description of the activity and its location.
3. Use the hashtag #FlokiUltras2 and tag @RealFlokiInu to ensure your entry is considered.

Here are the generous prizes awaiting the winners:

1st place: $12,000 USDT
2nd place: $9,000 USDT
3rd place: $6,000 USDT
4th place: $3,000 USDT
5th place: $2,000 USDT
6th place: $1,500 USDT
7th place: $1,250 USDT
8th place: $1,000 USDT
9th place: $750 USDT
10th place: $500 USDT

The ten most outstanding entries will be shortlisted by Floki’s marketing team based on criteria such as creativity, virality, fun factor, and alignment with Floki’s brand identity. The final ranking of the winners will be determined through a DAO vote by Floki Vikings.

Here are the guidelines for the competition:

– Submissions must feature original designs and should not include copyrighted material.
– Entries should not imply any price action.
– The marketing activities must not pose any risks to the health or safety of participants or others involved.
– The marketing activities must refrain from offensive, harmful, or distasteful content, including hate speech, profanity, racism, sexism, violence, etc.
– Winners will be publicly announced, and Floki may use their names and marketing activities for promotional purposes.
– Each person is allowed only one entry.
– All entries must be submitted before the competition deadline.
– By participating, contestants agree to abide by the rules and accept any decisions made by Floki.
– If a submission is selected, Floki will have full rights to use it as deemed suitable without providing further compensation.
– Contestants under the age of 18 must obtain parental consent to participate.

Join Floki’s fearless community of marketers and unleash your creative prowess in the second Guerrilla Marketing Competition. Let your imagination roam freely and help Floki conquer new horizons!

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