FCF Pay to Integrate Pi Cryptocurrency for Payments

FCF Pay to Integrate Pi Cryptocurrency for Payments

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Leading cryptocurrency payment processor FCF Pay has announced it will be integrating support for Pi Coin (PI), the native token of mobile mining network Pi Network, in a move that expands the usability of PI for real world purchases.

In a tweet, FCF Pay said it is looking forward to collaborating closely with the Pi Core Team and wider Pi community to further mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency payments.

Unlocking Everyday PI Utility

The integration will allow PI holders to leverage FCF Pay’s comprehensive payments infrastructure to pay for goods and services from thousands of major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot using the cryptocurrency.

This unlocks significant real-world usage for PI beyond just being used on Pi Network’s proprietary platforms. Pi users will be able to enjoy the convenience of PI payments for routine shopping and bills via FCF Pay.

According to Pi Exchange, Pi Network’s trading platform, the FCF Pay integration will even enable using PI to purchase vehicles from auto giant Honda.

FCF Pay Adds Support for More Cryptos

FCF Pay continues expanding support for prominent cryptocurrencies on its payments rails, which already enables coins like BTC, ETH, BNB, and meme coins DOGE and SHIB to be used for checkout.

Adding PI increases accessibility and utility for the mobile-first cryptocurrency whose network boasts over 35 million engaged users.

The collaboration exemplifies FCF Pay’s strategy of onboarding more crypto assets to make digital currencies a viable payment tool for mainstream audiences.

As adoption of coins like PI expands, integrations creating intuitive spending opportunities for cryptocurrencies can help drive their evolution beyond just investment assets.

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