FC Barcelona and World of Women Collaborate on NFT Masterpiece

FC Barcelona and World of Women Collaborate on NFT Masterpiece

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In a significant collaboration, FC Barcelona, the renowned Spanish soccer giant, has teamed up with NFT project World of Women to introduce the second installment of their esteemed “Masterpieces” collection. This artistic endeavor serves as a platform to showcase the remarkable achievements of both past and present iconic players.

In a powerful tribute titled “Empowerment,” artist Rhi Madeline’s exquisite digital artwork celebrates FC Barcelona’s women’s club captain, Alexia Putellas. Symbolizing transformation and progress, the captivating piece immortalizes Putellas’ incredible moment during the Women’s Champions League semi-final match in 2022. With exceptional talent, she scored two goals, leading her team to a resounding victory.


FC Barcelona and World of Women Collaborate on NFT Masterpiece
FC Barcelona x World of Women

FC Barcelona launched “In a Way, Immortal” NFT last year on July 22. Collectors and soccer enthusiasts will have the opportunity to participate in a two-day auction for the exclusive “Empowerment” NFT, commencing on June 26.

The NFT, created on Ethereum’s Polygon network, offers digital ownership and enticing physical perks. The lucky owner gets to meet Alexia Putellas, claim signed boots, and a seat from Barcelona’s iconic Spotify Camp Nou stadium. World of Women’s COO, Shannon Snow, emphasizes the project’s commitment to promoting women’s representation in soccer. This collaboration celebrates the strength of women, tackles challenges, and immortalizes their legacy on the blockchain.

FC Barcelona’s partnership with World of Women enhances their dedication to diversity and empowering female athletes, embracing the intersection of sports and blockchain through NFTs.

The release of “Empowerment” demonstrates the growing significance of NFTs in commemorating sporting achievements and promoting inclusivity. Additionally, this is not the first time that FC Barcelona has embraced NFTs. Last year, in July, FC Barcelona initiated the first NFT in the Club’s History. This collaboration underscores the transformative power of sports, honoring the invaluable contributions of women in soccer and inspiring positive change for future generations.

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