Ethereum Gets a New Web3 URL Standard: ERC-4804

Ethereum Gets a New Web3 URL Standard: ERC-4804

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The new Web3 URL Ethereum standard known as “ERC-4804” was released by the creator of ETHStorage, Qi Zhou, together with Ethereum researcher Sam Wilson and Chao Pi. The purpose of this standard is to make it easier for Web2 users to access the material that is hosted on Web3 directly.

The ERC-4804: Web3 URL to EVM Call Message Translation standard was initially proposed on February 14, 2022, claiming to enable interoperability with other standards already compatible with URIs.

With ERC-4804, users can directly access on-chain Web3 content, such as decentralized apps (dApps) and NFTs, without going through a centralized web server.

ERC-4804 allows users to access dynamic NFT, on-chain music NFT, personal websites, hostless wallets, dropbox, GitHub, and others, by typing web3:// in their browsers instead of the common “http://” URL.

The new URL standard, according to Anthurine Xiang, a spokesperson for ETHStorage, is only financially feasible for limited uses since the mainnet storage price on Ethereum is high.

This is because the standard enables users to directly query the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). ERC-4804 would offer “dynamic data,” according to Xiang, such as enabling users to engage with website content by adding likes and comments.

As consumers now have a decentralized alternative to access dApps, NFTs, this new standard is predicted to become widespread soon as dApp usage continues to grow.

Due to the rapid failure of banks like Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), decentralization is more enticing than ever to the community. If more consumers begin using it without being concerned about censorship, the ERC-4804 standard might represent a breakthrough in the currently struggling industry.

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