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What is Capx?

Capx AI Protocol is building a revolutionary, human-centered approach to AI development. Imagine hundreds of millions of people around the world working together on a massive, blockchain-based network. This is Capx’s vision: a collaborative ecosystem where everyone contributes to building the smartest, most human-like AI models.

Capx values every contribution, big or small. Whether you’re sharing data, lending computing power, or simply providing feedback, you’ll be rewarded with CAPX tokens. This creates a global community with a shared goal: shaping the future of AI. By harnessing the collective power of users worldwide, Capx aims to build the largest and most accessible AI development network ever created.

How to join Capx’s airdrop?

Registration for Capx’s testnet is open now. To participate, please visit the project’s official website here.

After visiting the project’s official website, you will need to connect to it using your crypto wallet. I personally recommend using MetaMask for this.

Capx 1

And you need to use the referral code 7K2YV3 to join the Capx incentivized test network (I’ve included some more codes from our team members below, if this code doesn’t work, please use them).

Capx referral code

List of backup referral codes:

  • OSS6MQ
  • 90X211
  • 481B47
  • 0AU0TI
  • EF117B
  • ETGEG7
  • GZ10DW
Create username
Create username
get Capx token

Follow the instructions and embark on your journey to earn a plethora of CAPX tokens.

What are Rewards?

Earning CAPX Tokens on the Testnet

The CapX Chain testnet program offers a chance to earn 15,000,000 CAPX tokens (1.5% of total supply). This program uses a unique point system called UNITS.

How to Earn UNITS:

  • CapX App Tasks: Complete various tasks within the CapX app.
  • Referral Program: Participate in the CapX app referral program.

UNITS to CAPX Conversion:

UNITS earned can be converted into CAPX tokens later.

Reward Distribution:

Rewards are distributed based on three factors:

  1. UNITS Earned & Staked: The more UNITS you earn and stake on the CapX Chain, the higher your rewards.
  2. CapX Profile ID Mint Number: Early minters receive a higher token allocation.
  3. Season Pass Type: There are four types of season passes (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta). The type determines your reward pool.

Season Pass Tiers and Rewards:

Season Pass TypeSupplyReward Pool (CAPX Tokens)