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Dogecoin Foundation Launches New Fund for Core Developers

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The Dogecoin Foundation announces the opening of a fund for core development that will be run by current core developers and signatories on the Dogecoin Foundation board of directors.

The foundation will contribute 5 million Dogecoin, or around $360,000, to the new development fund, it was announced, in order to aid the growth of the Dogecoin platform.

To administer the money openly and provide rewards to Dogecoin Core developers for their work, a separate multi-signature wallet has been developed.

This new multi-signature wallet will be operated by Dogecoin Core developers and members of the Dogecoin Foundation. The wallet is secured with a three out of five signature threshold, with the following custodians:

  • chromatic (Dogecoin Core developer)
  • Marshall Hayner (Dogecoin Foundation Board)
  • Michi Lumin (Dogecoin Core developer, Dogecoin Foundation Board)
  • Patrick Lodder (Dogecoin Core developer)
  • Ross Nicoll (Former Dogecoin Core developer)

With each major or minor release of Dogecoin Core, the money will be divided solely among all contributors indicated in the release notes since the previous major or minor release.

A release must have at least 25 non-whitespace/comment-only pull requests in order to be categorized as major or minor.

The height of the compensation for each individual contributor will be determined using the formula used for the Dogecoin Core tip jar in order to prevent repetition of work. The money held in the wallet is also not given to custodians any powers.

All expenditures must be disclosed to the public and extensively promoted via social media channels to the best of the custodians’ ability.

A custodian may only seek replacement for their own post; they are not permitted to choose their own successor. The successor shall be chosen by unanimous consent of the remaining caretakers, who shall also publicly recommend a replacement.

Upon completion of this process and selection of a successor, the caretaker is discharged from all duties. If a custodian is unavailable without warning for three months or more, the succession procedure must be started by the remaining custodians.

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