Deutsche Telekom declares support for the Polygon Blockchain system.

Deutsche Telekom declares support for the Polygon Blockchain system.

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Polygon has announced that Deutsche Telekom will join as a validator, contributing to the enhancement of Ethereum Layer-2 scaling with staking and validation services. Polygon’s Supernets solution is being improved as part of a network consisting of one hundred validators.


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Polygon provides Ethereum developers with a variety of scaling solutions, such as zero-knowledge rollups, sidechains, and data availability protocols. These solutions empower Ethereum developers. Boosting both the rate of expansion and the effectiveness of the Ethereum ecosystem.

As a validator, Deutsche Telekom MMS enhances Polygon’s security and governance, thereby protecting both the proof-of-stake sidechain and the Supernets chain. Increasing trust in the protocol while also bolstering decentralization.

Deutsche Telekom will be operating a full node, validating transactions, producing blocks, and committing checkpoints to the Ethereum mainnet as part of this partnership. ensuring that Polygon and Ethereum both have reliable network operations and are in sync with one another.

This strategic move by Deutsche Telekom demonstrates its commitment to blockchain technology and highlights the increasing adoption of, and significance within, the Ethereum ecosystem for Polygon’s layer-2 solutions.

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