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DeSo Friend.tech App Generates $1M in Fees, Wins Third Place in Crypto Revenue Ranking

DeSo Friend.tech App Generates $1M in Fees, Wins Third Place in Crypto Revenue Ranking

Learn about the success of the decentralized social platform Friend.tech, which utilizes the DeSo network. Discover how its novel idea of using fractionalized “shares” for user connections has contributed to its quick revenue expansion, making it a notable competitor in the crypto space. Explore the platform’s impressive fee generation, which beats out well-known protocols and even the biggest blockchain players.

Friend.tech: The Million-Dollar Feat

In a stunning turn of events, the decentralized social platform Friend.tech has achieved a remarkable feat by generating a staggering $1 million in fees within a mere 24 hours. This achievement places Friend.tech in an illustrious position as the third top revenue-generating protocol in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.

Revolutionizing Social Connection Through Decentralization

Built on the innovative DeSo (decentralized social) network, Friend.tech introduces a groundbreaking concept—enabling users to buy and sell fractionalized ‘shares’ of their connections. This revolutionary approach empowers buyers with enhanced connection capabilities, including the ability to send messages and interact more effectively.

Embracing Decentralization: The Friend.tech Promise

Friend.tech envisions a completely decentralized and onchain-native way for individuals to connect and engage with their communities. With features such as connecting to cherished individuals, facilitating community discovery and sharing, managing gated chat rooms, and robust security fueled by MPC key tech, Friend.tech sets a new standard for social platforms.

Friend.tech Outshines the Titans

On the 19th of August, Friend.tech’s performance soared, surpassing even renowned DeFi protocols like Uniswap in terms of fee generation. With an impressive volume of over $1 million, the platform has not only outperformed significant players in the decentralized finance sector but has also left established blockchain networks including Bitcoin and Tron in its wake.

Impressive Revenue Figures Unveiled

The numbers speak for themselves: Friend.tech has managed to amass a staggering $1.42 million in fees and an impressive revenue of $709,000 within the span of 24 hours. These figures, backed by data from DeFillama, underscore the platform’s exceptional success and growing prominence in the crypto landscape.

Friend.tech’s Path to Adoption: Beta Version and Beyond

Friend.tech, although currently in its beta version, is already making waves. It operates on an invite-only basis, offering exclusive access to users. To engage with the application, users are required to hold a minimum balance of 0.1 ETH. This selective approach highlights the platform’s commitment to fostering a quality user experience.

A New Buzz in the Crypto Community

In the ever-evolving crypto landscape, narratives that capture attention are invaluable. Friend.tech’s emergence on the DeSo platform has quickly become the talk of the town, attracting major influencers and prominent personalities. The platform’s unique approach to social connection and its rapid success have ignited discussions and excitement within the crypto community.

A Glimpse into DeSo’s Potential

Friend.tech’s incredible feat of generating $1 million in fees within a single day highlights the transformative potential of decentralized social platforms. As the crypto world continues to evolve, innovative concepts like fractionalized connection-sharing are shaping the future of interaction and engagement. Friend.tech’s rise to prominence serves as a testament to the power of decentralization in redefining social paradigms and revenue generation in the digital age.


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