Deji Art Museum Acquires Beeple’s Sculpture “S.2122”

Deji Art Museum Acquires Beeple’s Sculpture “S.2122”

Beeple’s sculpture “S.2122” was sold for $9 million at Art Basel Hong Kong.

Beeple tweeted a 3-D artwork depicting a possible future in which humans live in huge clusters in the middle of the ocean due to climate change. It is similar to HUMAN ONE, but is more detailed and conveys a different story.

ARTnews notes “Beeple’s 3D animations play out on this screen, creating the illusion that the box contains a slice of the sci-fi worlds he often depicts in his illustrative work.”

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Beeple’s sculpture artwork will change over time to raise the water level and eventually lead to humans living underwater. He wanted to create a piece that conveyed a message of hope, believing that people will always find a way to live.

“I strongly believe artworks like this, that blend the physical and digital world represent a massive opportunity to draw new people into what we do and get them to see the true potential of these mediums,” Beeple added.

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