DeGods will switch to Ethereum in 2023.

DeGods will switch to Ethereum in 2023.

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The most important non-fungible token (NFT) project on Solana, DeGods, has made the announcement that it would formally bridge to Ethereum in the first quarter of 2023. When it is completed and has been tested, we will provide further information on the bridge. In the meanwhile, the ‘Dust Labs’ team, which is responsible for the DeGods project, has plans to reveal the Season III roadmap in January.

DeGods, Solana’s most successful and most played NFT project, and the y00ts NFT collection will both be removed off the Solana platform in the near future. y00ts, another noteworthy NFT project created by the same developer as DeGods, has decided to relocate to the Polygon blockchain.

As per Polygon’s latest tweet, y00ts is bridging to the blockchain in 2023. Note that Dust Labs’ native token, $DUST, will be bridged to both Polygon and Ethereum.

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Solana would still be regarded as the number two player in the NFT field, only behind Ethereum. This is despite the fact that the DeGods and y00ts NFT collection will be moving to other blockchains. Despite this, the most recent action taken by Dust Labs has not come as a surprise to the community since whispers have been circulating for quite some time regarding this significant change.

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