Decentralized Storage Alliance (DSA) Launches Golden Gate Software, Revolutionizing Decentralized File Storage Costs

Decentralized Storage Alliance (DSA) Launches Golden Gate Software, Revolutionizing Decentralized File Storage Costs

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The Decentralized Storage Alliance (DSA), a Technology Consortium in collaboration with influential members like Protocol Labs, Supranational, and the Filecoin Foundation, has launched an innovative software and reference configuration called Golden Gate.

This groundbreaking launch aims to significantly reduce the costs associated with decentralized file storage by approximately 40%. It achieves this by minimizing latency and improving crucial operations during data onboarding.

Decentralized storage heavily relies on computations performed on incoming data to ensure network security, cryptographic proving, and data immutability. The process responsible for these computations, known as “sealing,” often accounts for more than half of the total hardware costs.

For storage providers, this poses a significant challenge in improving their data onboarding capacity. Golden Gate, the first software release from DSA, effectively addresses this issue by reducing server costs associated with sealing by up to 90%.

This open-source software will support the growth of the Filecoin Network beyond its current capacity of 13 exabytes, making it much easier for users to become Filecoin Storage Providers and onboard their data to the network. The advancements in decentralized storage technologies could further drive adoption by enterprises.

“Decentralized storage is already 121 times cheaper on average compared to centralized storage, and Golden Gate takes decentralized storage cost-effectiveness to new heights, reinforcing its position as the preferred choice for enterprises seeking long-term data availability and immutability,” says Daniel Leon, DSA Lead at Protocol Labs.

The Golden Gate upgrade, along with the recent launch of the Filecoin Virtual Machine, will enable network participants to benefit from reduced computing costs and increased computing power.

In addition to Golden Gate, DSA is releasing optimized hardware reference configurations to assist with planning and establishing optimized hardware setups for the new software.

Future releases will build upon the functionality of this initial release, making it easier for the ecosystem to realize the benefits of these optimizations. The open-source orchestration software and DSA reference architectures will simplify the use of the new software out of the box.

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