"Cryptokicks iRL," the first native Web3 shoe from Nike's RTFKT

“Cryptokicks iRL,” the first native Web3 shoe from Nike’s RTFKT

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Leading sports apparel brand Nike’s RTFKT Studios launches the first-ever major web3-IRL sneaker: “Cryptokicks iRL” showcasing RTFKT’s vision to merge the digital and physical realms.

In the exclusive minting for RTFKT Lace Engine NFT holders that will take place from December 12 through December 16, a total of just 19,000 pairs of the Cryptokicks iRL shoes will be available for purchase.

Registration for the public draw will take place from December 7 to December 9 this year. On Monday, December 12, the process of minting coins privately will begin, and on Wednesday, December 14, the process of minting coins publicly will get underway.

The Cryptokicks iRL shoe is available in the following futuristic colorways: “Blackout,” “Ice,” Stone,” and “Space Matter.” Each sneaker comes with an NFT that depicts the colorway spinning in space, and the sneaker can be purchased here.

The Cryptokicks iRL are only able to be transported to the United States because of sophisticated technology and product laws; as a result, the decision has been met with criticism from the rest of the community.

As long as there is sufficient supply, users will be able to mint and create a maximum of four pairs of Cryptokicks iRL shoes in the public mint, one pair in each of the four hues. The process of redeeming restricted, made-to-order physical things with NFTs is referred to as forging. Users may redeem these products with their NFTs.

For the total volume of coins to be minted and forged before the start of the public sale, all Lace Engine NFT holders would need to mint and forge, and all RTFKT MNLTH 1 holders would need to crack open their monoliths in order to obtain their Lace Engine NFTs and then mint and forge those coins as well. This is required so that the public sale can begin.

For Lace Engine NFT Holders:

  • Blackout: 0.34 ETH
  • Stone: 0.38 ETH
  • Ice Mag: 0.46 ETH
  • Space Matter: 0.76 ETH

For Draw Winners for the Public Mint:

  • Blackout: 0.44 ETH
  • Stone: 0.5 ETH
  • Ice Mag: 0.53 ETH
  • Space Matter: 1.02 ETH

Auto-lacing, improved illumination, haptic feedback, gesture control, walk detection, app connection, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, and wireless charging are among of the features that come standard with the Cryptokicks iRL.

A move-to-earn function is going to be included in the RTFKT shoes as well. The shoes are equipped with the most current version of RTFKT’s WM (World Merging) NFC chip. This chip gives consumers the ability to authenticate the legality of each physical copy by comparing it to its digital counterpart.

Chris Le, one of the co-founders of RTFKT, made the observation that “This is the narrative phase of RTFKT.” I know it’s a bold statement to make, but I really think that in the not-too-distant future, we will triumph over the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We are working hard to ensure that there are no gaps in the storyline since we are attempting to create the right atmosphere and atmosphere for our community to participate in and contribute to the tale.

“I believe we’re the first company to merge fashion, shoes, and crypto in a manner that hasn’t been done before,” RTFKT Co-Founder Steven Vasilev said further. In order to facilitate the participation of new designers and collaborators, we are working to establish a platform. We want to contribute to the growth of our community.

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