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The official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup 2022, has collaborated with Coca-Cola and digital artist GMUNK to drop the FIFA-inspired NFT collection. The collection comprises 10,000 NFTs based on ‘heatmaps’ of each FIFA World Cup team’s on-field attacks, goals, tackles, and victories. 

The NFTs are available on the NFT platform. Football fans interested in purchasing NFTs must also register on Coca-Cola’s Fanzone page to mint ‘Piece of Magic’ NFTs. As of now, Match 1 NFT, Match 2 NFT,  Match 3 NFT, Match 4 NFT, and ARG-KSA NFT are listed to claim. 

The Coca-Cola fan zone at the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup is a digital center that provides fans with the chance to enjoy thrilling games, thrills, and moments to remember throughout the tournament. During the tournament, fans may visit the Coca-Cola fan zone. Fans may compete against one another and communicate in real time using the many features offered in the fan zone, such as leaderboards, predictions, pledges, and more. In addition, the fan zone provides an NFT collection.

Despite the fact that the announcement is intended for people all around the world to take part, the registration sites that have been offered only have choices available for those who live in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, or the United Arab Emirates.

As a result of this partnership, the World Cup will be the very first event to use blockchain technology. In addition, the digital artist GMUNK has created NFTs that are inspired by “heatmaps” that capture the in-game motions of players during matches using these movements.

According to GMUNK, the ‘piece magic’ collection from Coca-Cola utilizes data from soccer games as a paintbrush, defining densities, color applications, conduct, determination, and displaying a love for the players in the World Cup.

The general manager of the FIFA World Cup, Nazil Berberoglu, expressed his admiration for the collaboration with GMUNK by saying the following: “A superb talent who has consistently pushed the boundaries of art’s newest and most exciting field, GMUNK’s ‘heatmap’ inspired NFTs will capture the passion and determination shown by players during the World Cup – as they battle it out on the pitch, their athleticism and performance will inspire incredible works of digital art.”

Chief Marketing Officer at, Steven Kalifowitz, expressed his excitement for this venture and said, “It’s a privilege to partner with Coca-Cola and GMUNK to memorialize these historical matches that will forever be captured on the blockchain.” This statement was made in response to the announcement of this initiative.

However, the obsession with FIFA is not just spreading across the NFT realm; it is also making its way into the metaverse. A metaverse dedicated to the 2018 FIFA World Cup was officially unveiled by Chinese technology companies one month ago.

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