Consensys x to make crypto simple for Indians

Consensys x to make crypto simple for Indians

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MetaMask’s integration with, which is provided by the Indian exchange Bitbns, has been announced by the software firm Consensys. This will provide users in India with an easier way to access cryptocurrencies inside MetaMask.

The API will now make it possible for users of MetaMask in India to purchase cryptocurrency directly from inside the MetaMask mobile app using UPI or IMPS for payments that are cheaper, quicker, and more efficient.

The combination of the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) and blockchain technology, according to Consensys, has the potential to significantly increase the reach and influence of this innovative technology. This is especially true in light of the current emphasis that the Indian government is placing on digital payments.

In addition, the company that owns Metamask said that there is a lack of consensus in the country as well as a deficiency in real-time payment infrastructure, all of which are impediments to the efficient functioning of cryptocurrency transactions.

According to Consensys, “with MetaMask’s connection with, this impediment has now been lifted, and Indian consumers will be able to quickly take advantage of the advantages of blockchain technology.”

In a statement, MetaMask’s Product Manager Lorenzo Santos said, “We are thrilled to work with to deliver quick transaction services to our consumers in India.” is an online payment platform that specializes in cryptocurrencies. Because of this connection, it will be much simpler for users in India to have access to the Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB networks and to make use of decentralized apps. We have no doubt that this will play a role in accelerating the spread of blockchain technology in India.

The Chief Executive Officer of, Gaurav Dahake, made the following statement: “We are happy to work with MetaMask to enable access to people from India and access to digital assets in a decentralized manner. We think that this relationship will make it simpler for Indian people to access and utilize decentralized apps, and we are looking forward to collaborating with MetaMask to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology in India.

According to Consensys, the implementation of this integration marks a big step forward in the dissemination of blockchain technology in India. Even Algorand has just just announced a number of agreements that will be implemented all throughout India. The goals of these partnerships are to increase the usage of the Algorand blockchain and cultivate Web3 developers in India.

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