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Conflux Network and China Telecom Launch Revolutionary BSIM Card

Conflux Network and China Telecom Launch Revolutionary BSIM Card

Conflux Network, a public blockchain, has partnered with China Telecom, a global communication network, to launch the Blockchain SIM (BSIM) card in Shanghai, China.

Unveiled at the Xuhui District West Bank Artificial Intelligence Center, the BSIM card is a game-changing technology that utilizes blockchain and telecommunications to offer a more secure digital identity for mobile communication users. The card contains both public and private keys and enables storage of data up to 20 times more than current SIM cards. Furthermore, the fully-compatible nature of the BSIM card ensures usage on both Android and iOS systems.

During the launch, Conflux Network’s Co-founder and CTO, Dr. Wu Ming, performed a successful transfer of commemorative NFT via BSIM card, marking the first-ever on-chain interaction between Conflux Research Institute and China Telecom accounts.


The BSIM card is just the first step in the exploration of diverse range application scenarios and supplementary products which can be made possible through the innovative integration of blockchain technology with modern communication advancements, said Li Anmin, Deputy Dean at China Telecom Research Institute.

The BSIM card will be available in Hong Kong before launching in other overseas markets.


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