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Code Reader AI for Smart Contract Analysis is Unveiled by Etherscan

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The well-known Ethereum blockchain explorer Etherscan has unveiled “Code Reader,” a cutting-edge AI tool that uses OpenAI’s sophisticated language model. The goal of this tool’s beta version is to help users comprehend smart contract source code on a deeper level.


Users of Code Reader can create AI prompts for particular sections or functions of the code that they want to better understand. The tool uses targeted questions to generate explanations from AI that let users explore the complex inner workings of the smart contract’s code.

Etherscan outlined the benefits of Code Reader, especially for people using smart contracts for the first time. It gives thorough explanations of the contract’s functionality and operations, enabling users to better understand its complexities.

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Getting a comprehensive list of smart contract functions related to reading and writing Ethereum data is one of the many useful applications for Code Reader. The tool can also make it easier to explore code so that smart contracts and decentralized applications can work together seamlessly.

However, Etherscan added a user disclaimer stating that an OpenAI API key with sufficient usage limits is required in order to use the AI service on their website. Additionally, users are cautioned against assuming that the AI will always produce accurate results. Users must insert their API key, enter the contract address, choose the source file to interact with, and then ask questions to start using Code Reader.

Etherscan tweeted a reminder to be cautious: “Don’t assume answers are correct! This is very much a beta release; if there is anything you’d like us to add or change, please let us know.

With the launch of Code Reader, Etherscan seeks to improve smart contract code accessibility and comprehension, enabling Ethereum developers and enthusiasts to better navigate the intricacies of the blockchain ecosystem.

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