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cheqd Launches Creds Platform for Trusted and Portable Digital Credentials

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Today, cheqd, a startup revolutionizing the trusted data economy, unveiled its innovative platform, Creds. This new platform empowers individuals and organizations with complete ownership and portability of their data, introducing a decentralized reputation system for building trust and identity verification in the Web3 space.

Cheqd Launches Creds Platform

A Game-Changing Solution for Web3 Challenges

Creds addresses several critical issues plaguing Web3, including privacy concerns, community security, engagement, and the lack of trust exacerbated by generative AI. As Web3 experiences tremendous growth, security remains a major concern. Cryptocurrency frauds have led to widespread mistrust, causing significant financial losses. Creds aims to combat this by enabling projects to verify user identities and ownership of handles, wallets, and reputation, thwarting impersonation, Sybil attacks, and fraud.

Trust and Reputation as Powerful Tools

To combat the challenges posed by fake information and generative AI, trust and reputation stand as powerful tools. With Creds, individuals can establish a verified reputation and transfer it seamlessly across platforms and communities. Privacy options are enabled, allowing users to share selected credentials for third-party verification while keeping personal data secure and off-ledger.

Embracing Community Engagement and Gamification

Gamification plays a crucial role in enhancing user engagement and customer retention, leading to increased profitability for businesses. Creds introduces a reputation layer to community strategies, encouraging projects and individuals to experiment with gamification elements like incentive quests and learn-to-earn opportunities. This approach fosters distinctive reputation and trust systems, fostering genuine participation and meaningful interactions.

Preserving Privacy and Security

Creds sets itself apart from existing trust and reputation systems that utilize Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and SoulBound Tokens (SBTs). Unlike NFTs and SBTs, Creds offers privacy, revocability, and portability between various platforms and ecosystems. By cryptographically signing and validating data through decentralized identifiers (DIDs) on-chain, Creds ensures that all personal data remains private and trustworthy.

A Successful Launch at Nebular Summit

The launch of Creds at the Nebular Summit in Paris marked a significant milestone for cheqd. Attendees at the event received verifiable credentials, showcasing the platform’s capabilities. These credentials served as proof of attendance without revealing any personally identifying information, demonstrating the privacy-preserving nature of Creds. Attendees were delighted to collect and save their credentials as cherished mementos, akin to owning NFTs.

An Enthusiastic Response from Attendees

The Nebular Summit founder, Sebastien Couture, expressed excitement about offering attendees a unique and personalized experience through Creds. As the Nebular Summit strives to showcase innovative interchain ecosystem technologies, providing credentials to attendees aligned perfectly with their goal. These credentials open up future benefits, including early registration for events throughout the year, further enhancing attendee engagement and loyalty.


The launch of Creds by cheqd heralds a new era for Web3, introducing a platform focused on trust, privacy, and portability of digital credentials. By addressing key challenges faced by the Web3 space, Creds empowers individuals and organizations to build secure and decentralized reputations. As the platform gains momentum and trust, it will likely drive the adoption of trustworthy and innovative solutions across the burgeoning Web3 landscape.

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