Chainlink's CCIP Goes Live on Base A Game Changer for Web3

Chainlink’s CCIP Goes Live on Base: A Game-Changer for Web3

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In a major development for the Web3 ecosystem, the Chainlink Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) is now live on Base, a fast and highly scalable Layer-2 blockchain incubated by Coinbase and secured by Ethereum.

Breaking Barriers in Web3

The launch of CCIP on Base is poised to usher in a new era of cross-chain applications. This integration bridges the gap between the lightning-fast scalability of Base and the trusted security of Chainlink’s Oracle networks.

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For developers, this means they can now build cross-chain applications with ease, leveraging Base’s speed while benefiting from Chainlink’s renowned reliability. This is a game-changer for the blockchain world, promising more efficient, secure, and interconnected applications.

A Growing Ecosystem

Already, several projects have recognized the immense potential of Chainlink CCIP on Base. Names like Raft, Nuon, Folks Finance, Polychain Monsters, and many more are actively integrating this technology into their projects. The implications of this adoption are far-reaching.

Johann Eid, Chainlink Labs Chief Business Officer, emphasized the significance of this collaboration. He stated, “Base and Chainlink are both building on the forefront of blockchain development as we work to bring the next wave of millions of new users into our industry.”

Unleashing Creativity

Eid further underscored the creative synergy between Base and Chainlink. Base’s role as a Layer-2 solution, known for its scalability and innovation, combined with the ever-expanding array of Chainlink services, presents a golden opportunity for developers. It allows them to pioneer the next generation of cross-chain applications and services, propelling the industry forward.


In conclusion, the live integration of Chainlink’s CCIP on Base is a remarkable advancement for the Web3 ecosystem. It represents the culmination of innovation and collaboration, with the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with blockchain technology. As more projects integrate CCIP, we can expect a surge in groundbreaking cross-chain applications, bringing blockchain closer to mainstream adoption. Stay tuned for the exciting developments on this front.

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